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Self-Development/Awareness Workshops and Classes

Support Groups

One-on-One Consulting

Whether you are a parent or teacher trying to deal with a behavior issue in the classroom,  have a need for room arrangement, setting up centers, safety proofing your home, developing chore/behavior charts... or whether you are just tired of working for other people and not having time to explore your creative talents.... I can help.  Maybe you want to start a business or boost up an existing business. I can even help you conquer fear or repair a damaged relationship. 


Parent/Teacher Consulting

Stress affects parents, teachers and childrenIt is imperative that the families and teachers work together as a team to provide consistency for the children in their lives. I have developed and can customize workshop presentations for preschool teachers and parents.  Being a parent and teacher can be stressful in itself because of the constant needs of growing children. 

The first step is learning to manage our own stress as adults.  Once we can master that we can teach children to manage stress.  Less stress in the home or classroom provides a learning environment that is full of laughter and less screaming, resistance and more learning! The second step is understanding the stages of development...understanding child development and having realistic expectations and a plan for consistency are the keys to harmonious classrooms and homes.

E.C.E Workshops  

Teachers and Parents

Curriculum workshops for teacher training (parents welcome):



Connie Sardelis

Life Coach

ECE Consultant/Parenting Coach

Lecturer/Key Note Speaker


Connie completed an area of concentration in Child Development in 1988 and earned her AA Degree in Early Childhood Education in 1993 at Long Beach City College in California. She is passionate about children and has been a nanny, preschool teacher, Family Day Care Provider and Family Day Care Supervisor and will develop workshops for teachers and parenting classes and provides on-on-one consulting in your home or classroom.  Learn how to teach your children and learn how your children teach you.  The goal is to develop positive healthy children in a peaceful loving way.  Children learn what they live so the parent/teacher needs to learn positive healthy ways to raise children.... How many times have I heard..."I wish my child came with a manual"?  What our parents parents did is not always the best way.

Connie is a volunteer for H.A.W.C. (Help for Abused Women and Children) and donates blood to the American Red Cross regularly.  The more she grows and learns the more compelled she is to go deeper back in the chain of reaction to begin to break old patterns and cycles of child abuse and neglect and to build healthier generations to come.  We, the adults and caretakers, need to become self-aware and educated in child development and acknowledge that we are not responsible for what was done or said to us as children... WE ARE responsible for what we do and say to children right NOW.  Re-parent yourself...grow up with your children by turning off the t.v. , getting down at their level; on the floor with them; eye-to-eye and play!  Rediscover silly... shake your sillies out!!!

Connie can assist and support you in your goal to be the best parent you can be.  Children don't come with manuals but Connie can give you the "cheat sheet" version or the "crash course" whether you feel you'd rather not do it your parents way, what you are doing know isn't working, or you just want to get an issue under control before it gets out of hand, Connie can guide you and keep you on the right path.  Cycles can be broken and future generations will honor kindness and peace can be obtained... the only ingredient is unconditional love and education and few child friendly techniques for raising cooperative and loving children.

Contact Connie now and let her know what your issue is and what you would like to change. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here, the real power is in the awareness you have and the action you take NOW!  Time flies by quickly...why wait?  Free e-mail or  30 minute phone consultation .  Sessions by phone and/or e-mail.  Affordable rates.

A Wisdom Within Wellness

P.O. Box 1044

Salem, MA 01970 

~ 978-335-2409


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