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A Wisdom Within





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What To Expect

Before Your Session

After Your Session


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What To Expect

For Polarity and Reflexology you will remain clothed, otherwise you will undress. I will undrape only the body part I am working on.  I will respond to your safety, temperature and pressure needs.  Some clients experience a deep meditative state, while others may drift     into a light, yet peaceful sleep. 






         facial massage     Swedish massage    massage stretches    chair massage   reflexology


 Need to save time or money... consider a

10 - 30 minute session or combination session

scalp massage,

foot massage,


upper back

Before Your Session

If possible please shower/bathe, do not apply makeup, hairspray/gel or wear perfume/cologne.  Remove your jewelry. I will provide wet wipes for your convenience of cleaning up before or after your session.

Please do not consume caffeine, alcohol or drugs the day of (no less than 8 hours before) your session. Whatever is in your system will speed through faster due to the increased circulation from massage.   Tell me if you are allergic to peanuts, some oils or lotions may contain nut oil or if you would prefer to avoid certain smells/scents. I use aromatherapy oils.

If you have been diagnosed with & are being treated by a physician for any pathology or disease, contact them to see if it is necessary to adjust your dosage and to see if there are any contraindications or restrictions for massage.  I can utilize your doctor’s recommendations and focus on that area to encourage your body in the healing process!


After Your Session

It is important to increase your water intake for up to 36 hours after your session in order to flush any released toxins, repair damaged muscles and hydrate your tissues.  Be aware of your breath...breath   in through your nose filling your belly and chest (try counting to 5)  pause...then breath out slowly and completely counting to 5.     Repeat 5-10 times focusing on your breath.  Visualize that you are filling a balloon with negative thoughts and expectations.  Tie the balloon and let it float away.  Listen to your body, keep your thoughts positive, slow your pace and nurture yourself.