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Healing Arts



Benefits..of Regular

What To Expect

Before Your Session

After Your Session


Late Policy     

24 hour Cancellation Policy

Confidentiality Policy   

Referral Program





   Appointments are by appointment only

There may be appointments available right now

Call 978-335-2409





Gift Certificates Available


Bodywork Fees

30 min  = $45

45 min = $60

60 min = $75

75 min = $85

90 min =$100

Energywork Fees

60/90 min = $65/$85

*Discounts for regular visits

Sliding Scale Fees Available    

Buy Packages to save 


It is recommended that sessions be received at regular intervals to ensure the available day/time desired; I suggest you schedule sessions up to 2-4 weeks in advance.



Donate Blood

and receive

$5 off

call today




Late Policy   

If you are late for your session I will modify your

session with the time that is remaining.


24 hour Cancellation Policy

So that everyone has an opportunity to receive a session please       cancel as soon as possible so that others can come for a session.  This time is reserved for you. You will be billed full price for a missed session with less than 24 hours notice.


Confidentiality Policy

All sessions are confidential.  Unless you sign a medical release form I will not release information or discuss your sessions with anyone.  If we are to cross paths in public I will not acknowledge you unless you approach me first.  Please do not take this as being rude, it will prevent you from having to acknowledge to others that you receive massage/polarity sessions if you choose to keep it private.  If you would like to introduce me to those you know that will be your choice and you must approach me first.


Referral Program

Refer  3 people

Earn a Free 1/2 hour Massage...  ($45 value)

Ask about referral cards that offer your friends $10 off their first massage